Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese body work incorporating acupressure and passive body movements to establish harmony within body and mind. It allows for deep relaxation through finger and palm pressure given through clothes on a futon on the floor. It may help to reduce pain and allows trapped energy or mental stagnation to flow freely. [Recommendation] minimum of 3 consecutive sessions to get the most benefit out of the treatments!  (60min…€50)


During the Yoga Therapy sessions an individual routine is established for the purpose of supporting, strengthening, and exploring the body through physical alignment. Experience a breath and energy flow and cultivate mindful awareness with non-judgmental attention. Breathing and relaxation practices are included. [Recommendation] 10min daily yoga practice to get the most benefit to body & mind! (3x75min…€150)


Zen Box Back Massage affects connective tissue and muscles to aid relaxation. It may help to relieve muscle spasm, tension, pain, and tightness and may increase your range of movement. This massage is based on Swedish and myofascial massage and incorporates acupressure to increase blood flow and calm the nervous system. A 100% natural muscle balm is applied onto the skin to ease local pain. [Recommendation] minimum of 3 consecutive sessions to get the most benefit out of the massage! (30min…€35 or 60min…€50)


Incorporates the above massage techniques in the side-lying position which allows more mobility and space to the upper back. (60min…€50)


This treatment has two phases. It creates spaciousness in the areas that are stuck in a repetitive holding pattern. Guided breathing, very gentle movements, zen massage and acupressure points flowing into this first phase. The second phase includes acupressure points on face & scalp. (30min…€35) additional options: scalp treatment, headache treatment


The purpose of the sinus treatment is to treat and relieve Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Hey Fever, and Seasonal Allergies. This blissful experience drains lymph and fluid into the lymph nodes. This treatment may enhance the immune system before and during cold & flu season. [Recommendation] once a week before or during the onset of sinusitis and seasonal changes. (60min…€50, please note that the 1st sinus treatment is €65 and any following treatments are only €50)

  • ARMS & LEGS MASSAGE 90min €75... coming soon
  • FULL BACK BODY MASSAGE 90min €75 ... coming soon

Establish a meditation routine that works for you to uncover your deeper layers, and which allows the journey to the inside to be your destination. (3x45 min…€75)


This is a new concept and the emphasis is on wellness on a regular basis, like brushing your teeth. This membership offers an affordable way to maintain your health and well-being, investing into your health and creating a strong and resilient body and mind. Contact Katrin O'Neill to initiate your membership.

3x 45min sessions of your choice per month: infrared sauna & ice bath, massage, shiatsu, compression boots and yoga.

There are 2 options available: €90 per month (3 or 6 monthly membership)



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