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Zen Shiatsu / Acupressure 

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese body work incorporating elements of TCM, acupressure and passive body movements to establish harmony within body and mind. Shiatsu is regarded as a healthcare system because of its innate ability to address the current requirement of the body and mind and thus may induce healing within. The finger,  palm and forearm pressure given through clothes allows for deep relaxation which may help to reduce pain and allows trapped energy or mental stagnation to flow freely.  The areas of concern are established by the body's feedback and by conversation. The cost per treatment is €65. Please allow 90min per session but the actual treatment time is 60min. For Shiatsu please wear comfortable clothes if possible without zips, buttons, pockets or tight bands or belts. Option to enjoy a wellness tea after the treatment.

Recommendation: A minimum of 3 consecutive sessions to get the most benefit out of your treatments! 

Infrared Sauna  

A great way to disconnect from the outside world, leave your phone behind and enter the inner state. The infrared waves will penetrate into the deeper layers of your body allowing your core temperature to raise, inducing sweating to cleanse the body and allowing your muscles to relax - which makes it an ideal precursor for massage. A special rate applies for €20 per session once booked before massage. The sauna will take 60min but please allow some extra time before and after. Option to enjoy a wellness or detox tea during your sauna session.

Recommendation: Schedule an Infrared Sauna before a massage.

Zen Massage  

The emphasis of Zen Massage is to evoke a transformative state, allowing the body and mind space to let go of unhelpful holding patterns that cause discomfort or pain within the body. Massage movements are intuitive, slow and deep - reaching the deeper layers and the myofascial connective tissue. An integration of stretches, passive movement and pressure points may allow the body and mind to surrender. Each massage takes 45min to address the area of concern. The cost per session is €55. Please allow few extra minutes before and after each treatment to unwind. Option to enjoy a wellness tea after the treatment. 

All Zen Box massages use only organic / natural balms made from Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Essential Oils. 

Area of concern: (Please specify when booking a treatment)


Zen Box Back Massage addresses the connective tissue and muscles to aid relaxation. It may help to relieve muscle spasm, tension, pain, and tightness and may increase your range of movement. It incorporates acupressure along the spine to increase blood flow and calm the nervous system. A natural muscle balm is applied onto the skin to ease local pain.


This back massage is carried out in the side-lying position which allows more mobility for the shoulder area and creates space to the upper back and neck. Arm and hands are included.


The emphasis of this treatment is to create spaciousness in the areas that are stuck in a repetitive holding pattern. Guided breathing, long flowing gentle movements, acupressure points and stretches flowing into this treatment to unlock..... 


The significance of the Head & Face treatment builds on the lymphatic drainage helping with sinuses, puffiness and seasonal allergies. Gentle massage and long strokes with a natural face balm helps the rejuvenate all areas. Pressure points on face & head conclude the treatment. 


This treatment includes mobility and stretches to release tight muscles. Long deep strokes and deep pressure will relax your leg muscles using a natural and refreshing balm. Foot massage and pressure points are included in this treatment. 

Recommendation: Arrange a minimum of 3 consecutive massage sessions to get the best results! 


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Zen Meditation Workshops 

Zen Box is hosting every 1st and 3rd Saturday per month a Movement for Meditation and Freedom to Meditate Workshops at OffGrid Studio, Main Street, Bray. The meditation techniques are based on Zazen a Japanese way to meditate however other methods of mediation can be introduced for an easier way to access meditation to any participants. The workshops are standalone and can be enjoyed on a regular basis or at your own time frame.  

·    Movement for Meditation          

The workshop starts from 12:30am - 2:30pm and the cost is €25 per participants. Elements of Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bowspring Yoga, Animal Flow, Breath work, and Mobility work flowing into the workshop to prepare the body and mind for the end goal 'sitting in meditation'. 60min are flowing into the movement part and 60min are required to practice different meditation techniques. This workshop is suitable for everybody. Whenever you start - this is your starting point - and you can progress from there. Option to enjoy a wellness tea after the workshop. There is only space for 8 participants per workshop - please book early to reserve your space.

All equipment is provided and please wear comfortable and warm clothing. 


·    Freedom to Meditate  

The workshop starts at 6:15pm until 7pm and there is no cost involved. Donations are welcome but not necessary. Please book online to reserve a free space.

All equipment is provided and please wear comfortable and warm clothing. 

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