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to your space
pause... stay still...
take a slow deep breath
let your thoughts settle and connect
to the present moment




Zen Box offers alternative treatments where conventional medicine has reached its limits. It reaches out to people who are looking for a different approach, people who are taken responsibility for their own health, or people willing to explore different methods of connecting to their own body and mind.

Zen Box is a concept developed by Katrin O’Neill through years of training, research, self-development, and meditation.

Zen Box invites you to discover your body-mind connection with yoga, shiatsu, massage, and meditation. Unlock your healing power within you for your own unique condition, pain, or struggle. Katrin does not specialise in any one condition but invites the person to self-exploration. She believes that ‘You are infinite possibilities’ and that we human beings are not defined by our name, by our environment, or by our disease.

All these therapies are different methods to establish harmony, balance, and self-healing. Zen Box is about uncovering your true potential through gratitude, compassion, movement, self-awareness, stillness, wisdom, breath, surrender and letting go.

Another dimension of Zen Box is natural prevention. Our body and mind are constantly striving to create an internal balance. Zen Box methods can assist your body and mind in this process. Don't wait until something breaks down or goes wrong - act now and take advantage of our wellness membership. 



ZenBox @ OffGrid

51a Main Street


Co. Wicklow

A98 A2P4

Call: 086-8556211

Email: info@zenbox.ie

Opening Hours:

No walk-in appointments available - please arrange an appointment.

Thursday 10am-8pm

Friday       10am-8pm

Saturday  3-6pm